What Time Science Says You Should Take Creatine (2020 Results)

muscular shirtless man torso holding tub of creatine explaining when to take creatine

Several studies have tried to determine when to take creatine during the day, but there have been mixed results. One study found that men who took creatine after their workout had better results than those that took it before they exercised. However, another study found little difference between those who took it before and those who took it after. Overall, there might be slightly …

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Creatine Loading Phase: The Definitive Guide (2020 Research)

jars of creatine in powder and pill form spilling on a table during the creatine loading phase

Creatine is one of the safest and best-researched health supplements in the world. Athletes and fitness enthusiasts of all types use it to gain strength, build muscle, and boost their performance. Research shows that a creatine loading phase can quickly increase the creatine levels in your body and help you receive the benefits of the supplement faster. This definitive guide will …

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6 Muscle Groups That Squats Work (And Variations)

what muscles do squats work

Squats are some of the most effective lifts to add to your workout routine. They’re a complex movement that can really show off your strength, are applicable to functional everyday tasks, and are an important part of any leg day.  There’s a reason there’s always a line at the squat rack!  Squats are a powerhouse of a workout that involves …

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Pull Ups vs. Chin Ups: Everything You Need to Know (2020)

Everyone knows that Pull-Ups are one of the best Calisthenics exercises out there. But the debate rages on about the difference between Pull-Ups and Chin-Ups. If you put Pull-Ups vs Chin-Ups head to head, which is the better exercise? It’s time to delve into the science behind the movements and find out which is the better exercise and when is …

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5 Essential Cardio Exercises for Men

cardio exercises for men

Not long ago when I thought of the word “cardio” or aerobics in general, the first (and usually only) thing that came to mind was running.

I really hated running.

After being forced to run while I was training for martial arts competitions, I began to get better at it but I still couldn’t stand doing it for an extended period of time.

…some things never change.

The good news is that there are lots of different ways to do cardio that don’t involve running, especially for us men.

In this post I decided to take it upon myself to compile high quality and results driven cardio exercises for men that I could think of. That way, no one (not even you!) has any excuse not to do cardio.

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10 Reasons Functional Fitness Training is Better for You

functional fitness benefits

Functional fitness seems to be the latest “fad” in the fitness community right now. But is it really fad? Let me explain in more simple terms…

Here’s a scenario for you:

Two days ago you were at the gym. You had a great workout, throwing up heavy weight on the bench press and curling as much as some people squat.

But then just this morning you were rushing off to the airport and forgot your keys in the house.

You quickly ran back into the house only to find yourself out of breath.

Then when you went to lift your bag into the trunk of your car, you threw out your back.

Does this sound familiar? Maybe it hasn’t happened to you yet, but it very well could if you don’t start training for functional fitness instead of just trying to get big or look good.

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