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At an early age fitness became a huge part of my life. I started training in martial arts at age 10. I trained 6 days a week and dedicated much of my childhood and teenage years to the arts.

After placing in the national championships and achieving the rank of 1st degree black belt in Taekwondo, I began training other students out of my dojo. Staying fit and training hard was part of my job description.

Martial arts taught me a lot about the human body and it’s physical capabilities. It was when I learned how to apply this fundamental concept outside the dojo and in the weight room that I found what many guys training for years were searching for.

You see, everyone is different. What so many people don’t understand about the human body is how astoundingly unique it is. It’s really a remarkable machine. Mastering it takes years of training and understanding how to unlock your personal physical potential.

There is no generic ‘cut and dry’ way to truly master your body and see the kind of results every guy wants to see in the gym. However, by following certain principles that can be adapted and morphed to work with your own body you can see a real transformation given the right time and knowledge.

And that’s where MuscleArmory¬†comes into the picture. MuscleArmory¬†is meant to be the ‘go to’ knowledge base that every human trying to master their own body can go to seek guidance and advice. Hopefully what you learn here you will be able to take in and adapt to meet and exceed your own expectations. In doing so, you will see how great it really feels to reach your own maximum genetic potential.

I’ll be the first to tell you…it’s awesome.

Founder of MuscleArmory

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