Guide: 6 Essential Workouts That Get You Big

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If you are looking for a “know all, end all” guide to getting big you’re most likely not going to find one. And if you do, let me know because I would love to see it. However, there are definitely certain workouts that get you big. Much bigger than others. If performed correctly and consistently, these workouts will transform your physique. Not only can they transform your body, but they will also improve all your other lifts in the gym. If you workout and don’t implement these into your routine, you are seriously missing out on some massive gains. Everyone loves gains right? So here we go…

Lift #1: Squats

Do you even lift bro? The cliche saying should actually be: “Do you even squat bro?”. Squats are essential. If you’re not squatting in the gym, you’re doing it wrong. You’ll hear people say that squats are bad for you, bad for your knees, bad for your back blah blah blah. They’re just lazy and don’t feel like squatting so they make excuses to make it seem okay. If you squat properly and get low, you will see a noticeable difference in a matter of months. Want those “teardrop” thighs? Squatting is your road to success. Not only are squats a great leg exercise,  but if performed the correct way (see video below) they will also work your core and even most muscles in your body. This, for me, is why they are always top of my list. If you don’t like squatting you are not truly motivated and might need to rethink your commitment to lifting and the gym. Get your attitude in check. You #$%&ing LOVE to squat bro! This is definitely one workout that will get you big. Check out this video on how to squat properly and really pay attention, or else you can seriously mess up your body.


Lift #2: Deadlifts

Deadlifts are also a lift that doesn’t get enough attention. If done consistently and hard week after week, deadlifts will give you that ultimate physique you are dreaming for. You ever wonder why you always see people in the gym with average physiques? That’s because they don’t deadlift bro. Seriously. Now, there a several different types. You have the Stiff-legged Deadlift, the Romanian Deadlift and Casket Deadlifts. But for the purpose of only workouts that get you big, we’ll stick with the more classic and basic deadlift (see video below). The basic deadlift is best performed on back days. The pulling motion will literally sculpt your back, up and down. Traps, shoulders, lower back, deadlifting will work it all. Want to get that Bane look that Tom Hardy had in batman? Deadlifts bro. Promise. Take care with them, go heavy and have fun doing them. You’ll earn some respect from people in the gym who know something about lifting once they see you doing heavy deads. Who doesn’t want that gym respect? Or the hottie doing cardio eyeing you? See where it gets you, you’ll be happy with the results. Watch this video below and make sure you perform them correctly:


Lift #3: Dumbbell Bench Press

Everyone trying to get big and is new to the gym always works chest too much. Not just chest, they’ll just come to the gym and do some bench press and of course some curls (for the girls?). Little do they know that to get the physique they dream of they have to workout out everything. Hopefully this is not you bro, if it is please consider what you are doing to your body. Nothing. You’re not getting anywhere. Nevertheless, benching is a good workout for your chest. BUT I’m going to let you in on a little known favorite workout of mine. Dumbbell Bench Press. This differs from the classic barbell bench press greatly. Not only will it put your ego in check (sorry bro) but also drastically improve your chest strength. By having to balance each individual dumbbell you work so many other muscles in your chest that you don’t get from barbell bench. Dumbbell Bench will give you those massive pecs (not bitch tits like other chest workouts). This is definitely makes the top 3 in any list of workouts that get you big. If it doesn’t I’d be a bit skeptical! Check out the video below if you’re confused on the Dumbbell Bench Press:


Lift #4: Row

Remember how I told you deadlifts will get you that Bane look from Batman? Well they will. But so will Rows. You can even do both (WTF M8?!)! Rows are a great back routine and should definitely be implemented into your routine. If you’re unsure of what a row is or how to do them check out the video below. There are different types of rows and all are super efficient and good in their own way. But for this post I’m going to stick to the T-Bar row. There is also the bent over barbell row which is a bit difficult to do correctly but is definitely a workout to get you big. I like the T-Bar row because it’s great for beginners. Most gyms will have a T-Bar row machine set up, and if they don’t you may want to reconsider your choice of gym. Have fun with them and go HEAVY if you really want to gain some muscle mass and get that ultimate Bane look. Have a look at the video below for an overview of the T-Bar row.


Lift #5: Military Press

Don’t be scared of the name. You don’t have to be a Navy S.E.A.L to military press in the gym. This lift is the best shoulder workout there is for the the ultimate physique. No other workout can get you those “Boulder Shoulders” that you so desire. There’s a reason the they are known as the military press. They are the best thing you can do to strengthen your traps and shoulders. And we all know how heavy those packs can be that soldiers lug around (some more than others). Not fun. But, with the military press that pack feels a whole lot lighter in addition to nice wide shoulders and traps. Want to look swole in those loose t-shirts? Military press. Clear and simple. You will look massive. It’s a well known fact and it’s exactly why this good ‘ole press is always on lists of workouts that get you big. Always. If you’re unsure of how or what the military press is all about check out the video below:


Lift #6: Dips/Pull-ups/Chin-ups

Most people don’t really think of bodyweight exercises  when they are looking to get big. And to put it frankly, that’s a mistake. Bodyweight exercises like dips, pull-ups and chin-ups are some of the best routines you can do to transform your body. The thing about bodyweight exercises that makes them so great and a key workout that gets you big, is the fact that they work so many muscles at the same time. Take chin-ups for example. They work biceps, back, and even traps. A great overall exercise. Then you have dips, the master of bodyweight exercises to get you massive. Arnold was known for doing these on a daily basis and always said how great they were. Dips are great for your triceps, chest, and even back. If you do them on a routine basis you will — and I repeat, WILL get that physique you want. With that said, they are hard and need to be performed properly to get the maximum results. But if you push through the pain, at the end of the road you’ll have a body everyone is jealous of. Here are some good videos of bodyweight exercises and how to do them properly. Check them out below:




There are no set routines or workouts that get you big over night. Additionally, it’s impossible to tell which workouts will work for you best. After all everyone has a different body type and you have to find what works best for you personally. However, these exercises have been known to drastically transform peoples physiques if done correctly and on a regular basis. Be sure to perform them correctly and always go for form over weight. Have fun and lift hard.

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